Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that allows you to reconstruct, define, and/or correct the eyebrows. The certified microblading artist uses a hand tool that deposits pigment under the top layer of skin (epidermis). This technique involves drawing individual, crisp, hair like strokes that give the appearance of natural brow hair. The blade used during microblading contains numerous pins that are much thinner than the needles used for traditional tattooing. Numbing cream is applied numerous times during the procedure to keep the client comfortable. Each hair stroke is customized according to the client and their natural hair growth pattern. The goal is to have each individual hair stroke blend with the existing brow hair.


Microblading consists of two separate sessions with those being at least 6 weeks apart to allow proper healing. The first session begins with a consultation where we will discuss what you would like your brows to look like and what would best suit your bone structure and facial features. We will take before photos and discuss desired brow color and look at pigments that best suit your skin tone and hair color. Brow mapping will be performed to make sure both brows are symmetrical and that the shape and thickness desired by the client is achieved. Once mapping is accomplished and agreed upon, the numbing process will start. The first topical numbing cream is applied for 25 minutes. Then the first pass of microblading will begin. Then the second topical numbing cream will be administered and another pass of microblading will take place. If the client desires a combination brow, which includes powder fill, this happens right after microblading is achieved. The appointment concludes with after care instructions and photos. 



Your new brows will go through several phases during the healing cycle. The pigment will appear very sharp and dark for a few days following the procedure. The color will gradually soften and settle into the top layer of your skin as it heals. Normal healing times usually consists of 10-14 days.


It is SO important to follow the after care instructions during this time. The brows will peel and flake and appear to be dry and loosing pigment. This is normal. Once completely healed, always apply a thin layer of sunscreen SPF 50 or greater on your eyebrows when exposed to the sun. Pigment will fade quicker with more sun exposure. Also remember to include your brows with your daily skin care routine by washing them with a gentle facial cleanser.

Your second session of microblading should be scheduled 6-12 weeks after the initial session took place. The purpose of this appointment is to finalize the brows and to make any necessary adjustments.

You should expect to get anywhere from 6 months to 1 year out of this service before needing a Color Boost to keep the pigment fresh and your brows looking sharp! The longevity of your microbladed brows is solely determined by how well they are maintained.